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Nice forum you folks have here... just signed up to hopefully get some insight from the shop owners here. Im contemplating partially assuming control of a service station.

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    • By shoaljumper
      Hello All,
      Very glad to have found this forum. I am considering purchasing an auto shop after working 15 years in the IT field. I started out building my own brand, selling to a medium sized brand and then being gobbled up by the corporate juggernaut which was a hellish experience. I never want to work for someone else ever again. During this I always worked in senior management helping to manage staff and run these businesses. The service experience received by the clients was the key to success in that industry.
      I have never worked as an auto tech but have some mechanical experience. I used to restore vintage ATV's and motorcycles in my spare time and have always done my own maintenance work at my father in law's shop. The places I am looking at have 700k+ in revenue and a shop manager in place with good techs and excellent reputation. My task will be to take over and grow via online marketing, and taking care of clients. Something I am very good at.
      I am going to continue reading through the forums here and have already found some great articles. Any advice anyone would like to offer up would be greatly appreciated.
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