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I heard this problem before, yelp is advertising reviews in an objective fasion in a bad light, which affects bus. I have a dozens of good filtered reviews 90+% great. But on the front page avaliable on the web on page one comes up the one bad review only.

There doesnt seem to be any easy way to rid it, anybody had any success at this?

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    • By 328ijunkie
      Signed up for yelp a few months ago. I see alot of leads coming through Kukui and have sold ~10k or so through them. My biggest complaint currently is my SA's getting annoyed by the barrage of messages/calls from people wanting their 20" impala wheels powdercoated or their suburban seats reupholstered or a starter for a kia optima. About 1/30 leads are even worth answering. I suppose a lead is a lead at the end of the day. Were at the ~675/mo tier.
      Whats everyones experiences... 
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      Just wanted some general feed back from a few automotive repair shops regarding Yelp.
      We have been contacted by a sales rep from Yelp for quite sometime now regarding paid advertisement, though we have declined. We have noticed a few negative reviews, and many positive reviews though they are not being displayed.
      Is it worth it to "pay" Yelp and see what the outcome would be?
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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      Hi. new member here. what do you guys think about yelp marketing? yay or nay? pros and cons?
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      Good evening is anybody using the Yelp pay per click. If so how is it working.
    • By Joe Marconi
      I hear so many mixed opinions about yelp. And not just from the auto repair shops. There are restaurants that love Yelp, others say it did nothing. I also read that the laws suits against Yelp was found in favor of Yelp, and that their business practice does not extort businesses.
      I know this is an old topic, but does anyone have a solid experience they can relate to me. A real-life experience, not hearsay. Thanks in advance.
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