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Just Give Me The Code, I'll Do The Rest!

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I don't think so. For a couple of reasons.

1. He'll be back when the code doesn't fix his problem and want you to read the code again. Either because he thinks you read it wrong, that you don't know what your doing, or... must be more to do.

2. If he could "do the rest" then why the hell don't you go look it up on Google first and find out that your OBD II scanner doesn't work on that year and that those wacko's at AZ don't know either. So why should you break out the old scanner for free... seems to me you should get compensated for not only knowing which scanner but even for just having it.

3. These kind have friends... and they sure like to talk to one another. That's even better... because if they're friends of this character chances are they're just like him. Don't need that at the shop.

4. We work for our customers, customers are people that pay us for our time and knowledge. This guy is not a customer.


I think ya did the right thing. I would have done exactly the same thing or... I would have drilled the guy on just how he planned to fix the car. LOL That would have been my fun for the day. he he he... LOL

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I'd have read it for him................................for 60 bucks. And for that he gets a quick visual inspection. I didn't buy my scanners for people to get free use of. I need a return on my investment. Autozoo does it for free fully expecting to sell him parts related to the code. That is return on their investment. Others want me to print out the flowchart for the code- Sorry! I again have an investment there too! The cobra in my avatar does 0-75 mph in 4.3 seconds in the sand.. The only reason it doesn't do 0-100 in 3.5 seconds is I already lost too much time(money) with people like them.

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