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Joe Marconi

Do You Fear Franchise Stores?

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The only major franchise stores in my area are Sears and 2 Valvoline quick lubes. We do have an independent Goodyear store and another Tire Store, Mavis Discount Tire. There are many independent shops, and they all seem to do ok. For my area, the franchise stores do not appear to be a threat.


I do know that this is not the case around the country, where many shops are located with minutes of a Pep Boys, multiple quick lubes, major tire stores, AutoZone, etc. How do you compete with this, or do you need to?

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    • By Joe Marconi
      Maaco has announced a partnership with Pep Boys to launch an automotive retail concept across the U.S. The first two of many planned Maaco satellite shops will open inside existing Pep Boys locations in Marietta, Ga., and Union City, Ga.
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      Monro Muffler Brake Inc. has acquired the Car-X Tire & Auto retail auto service brand — comprising 146 franchised locations in 10 states — and will continue to operate the business as a franchise.
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      Pep Boys, after struggling this year financially, is considering closing 63 stores. Pep Boys has been changing the marketing strategy the past few years, emulating what we the independent shop owners do so well: Building strong relationships with our consumer base in our communities.
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    • By Joe Marconi
      I was wondering how many of you are franchise owners and can you tell us about your experience being part of a franchise system.
      I think it would be interesting to independents to see the differences in a franchise, as opposed to creating and developing your own company.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Racineautoparts
      Hi guys,
      I recently have been approached to take over an established auto parts store that sells to walk-in clients and local repair shops. It's currently confidential who the person is that is selling. I come from a long line of repair/filler-station entrepreneurs and have been self-employed as a cleaning company for the past 4 years and have experience managing my own employees. I know what it takes to build a business from the ground up and have been very successful at marketing and turning a profit. Obviously, the biggest change will be the incurred overhead from having a building and an inventory.
      I'm here at autoshopowner.com to learn about the auto shop market. The only thing is I haven't seen much about shop suppliers. Are there any parts stores represented on this forum?
      So about the store I'm looking to purchase: as usual, the father started the company leading it to amazing growth and never worked behind the counter. The son took over, worked behind the counter, performed all the roles, worked 80 hrs a week and never had any time or idea how to market the company. There are currently 2 counter guys, and office person, inventory and a store where half of the square footage in that back is unused. It sits on a road that get 4800 cars passing the store per day - low, I know. The website needs an overhaul - parts to be listed, etc. The surrounding neighborhood is working class and the nearest Chain store is a mile away (of course on a road that gets 13,000 cpd passing). There aren't many other competing parts stores nearby. As they're operating it, it's breaking even. I know that with proper marketing the sales can really boom. If we keep the same location, we can rent out the back space to a mechanic, small engine repair, or t-shirt printing company.
      Thanks for any help. I look forward to learning from you all!
      Take care,
      Garrett P
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