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My Snap On rep left me the new Snap On Verus scan tool. It appears to be really nice and has a lot of nice features, does anyone have any knowledge of the Verus Scanner?

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    • By JustTheBest
      Wanted to share this information with everyone here! I know, I know, scams are nothing new - but it never hurts to remind you how close they actually are. 
      Hope this helps!
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
      Join me on YouTube to Tips, Weird Hacks and Dirty Little Secrets You Can Use RIGHT NOW To Grow Your Car Count, Income and Profits!
    • By Mike Walter
      Ok, here is the deal . I have been a loyal Snappie customer since 1984 and I have never experienced anything like what I experienced today with Snap on credit.
      Long story short , a credit Manager made the decision that I defaulted on the lease agreement because I failed to notify them that I returned a piece of equipment ( WITH THE HELP OF THE LOCAL SNAP ON DEALER ).
      So the Manager ( let's call him King ) made this decision from the input of all other parties involved ( some of the input was fraudulent, that's a big word and I would never use it unless I can back up using it, which I can ) and even though I had evidence to back up my claim that said I had no idea I was in default because the local Snap on Dealer was helping me with the return of the used equipment because he paid for it originally with his credit card.
      My evidence consisted of emails and text messages that backed up my claim of not knowing to contact Snap on leasing when returing a piece of their equipment.
      One text from the local dealer said once he got the credit back on his card he would either credit my truck account or cut me a check.
      The text did not say anything about contacting Snap on credit.
      BTW. I never missed a payment.
      So when the King called the loan amount due full or otherwise they will come and get the equipment, so I told him to come and get it.
      So be aware of Snap on credit fellow shop owners.
      I will guarantee to all you guys and gals, if some young buck wants to play King with my lively hood it's time he learned a little life lesson.
      I will keep you all updated.
      Thank you.
    • By Joe Marconi
      At a recent training class, the instructor was saying that in order to compete these days, you will need OE scan tools. He also said that many shops will have to decide on what car makes they intend to invest in.
      Are the days of general mechanics and diagnosis in jeopardy?
      Do you see the same trend, the need for OE scan tools? Will companies such as Snap on and Launch, etc, produce equipment that will continue to allows us to compete with servicing multiple car lines?
    • By GeeZ
      The trucks come every week and take up 10-20 minutes of all of the techs time. Three techs waste up to 1 hour total time. Sometimes more. This is new for me. How are other owners handling this?
    • By Dr.Dave
      Hey I bought a used Snap On Eco 134 recovery machine .It won,t vacum past about 18 and slow to recover .Some vacum is felt but not much.Any Ideals on what to do.Will a pump from somthing else work?
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    • Guest coachmj
      By Guest coachmj
      Wanted to see if anyone else is using Shopkey Pro SE and Quickbooks? Basically they want me to take the parts that are suggested in Shopkey and put them in to Quickbooks. I haven't found an easy way to do this other then just type everything else out in Quickbooks. The customer gets the printout from Quickbooks with the parts listing. Anyone else out there using Shopkey Prof SE and Quickbooks at the same time??? Thanks for your help.