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Joe Marconi

Don't be Afraid to Fail

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Don't be afraid to fail


Is the fear of failure holding your business back from achieving even greater success? Every great person in history had to overcome failure. Thomas Edison tried over 1000 time to find the right element that would make the electric light bulb possible. Michael Jordon, one of the greatest Pro-basketball players of all time, accepted the fact that he like everyone else, fails from time to time.


You can only achieve great things in life and in business by trying. If you fail, so what, you now know what does not work and you move on and try again. That's the process of learning and success.

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      Sometimes I feel like I’m alone on a deserted island. I charge for diagnostic analysis. Why? Because I know what cost is to buy the tools, equipment, information systems, training and pay a technician to professionally and accurately diagnosis a check engine light, air bag, ABS or any other complicated problem. But, I feel a lot of shops are willing to give this up in hopes to get the work. In my opinion all they are doing is digging themselves in a hole.
      And, I have heard all the reasons:
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      “I package the analysis into the repair, so the customer does not see the diag charges”
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      Waiving the analysis is the same as a doctor waiving the x-rays and blood tests. They don’t do it, we should not either. I will also challenge those who “package” the analysis into the repair. You mean to tell me that after taking 1 hour to find a faulty mass air sensor, you will add the 1 hour to the 5 minutes it takes to install a new mass air? Come on, we all know the truth.
      And let’s address the 10 minutes it took to find the failed O2 sensor. Did it really take 10 minutes? NO, it took years of training, years of experience, the investment in the right equipment and the investment in the right information systems. Why we sometimes diminish what we are truly worth is amazing. No other profession does that.
      Sorry for being so tough on this topic, but business is hard enough these days and people question everything. If shops don’t realize what they are giving up, it makes it bad for all of us.
      Please tell me what you think. Agree? Disagree? Or any other thoughts....
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      It took me years to figure this out, but I have the answer for you. Watch this 13-minute video that was recorded at The 'EVENT' for auto repair shop owners in Las Vegas last year.

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