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Water Proof And Self Adhesive

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      It always amazes me when I hear about a technician who quits one repair shop to go work at another shop for less money. I know you have heard of this too, and you’ve probably asked yourself, “Can this be true? And Why?” The answer rests within the culture of the company. More specifically, the boss, manager, or a toxic work environment literally pushed the technician out the door.
      While money and benefits tend to attract people to a company, it won’t keep them there. When a technician begins to look over the fence for greener grass, that is usually a sign that something is wrong within the workplace. It also means that his or her heart is probably already gone. If the issue is not resolved, no amount of money will keep that technician for the long term. The heart is always the first to leave. The last thing that leaves is the technician’s toolbox.
      Shop owners: Focus more on employee retention than acquisition. This is not to say that you should not be constantly recruiting. You should. What it does means is that once you hire someone, your job isn’t over, that’s when it begins. Get to know your technicians. Build strong relationships. Have frequent one-on-ones. Engage in meaningful conversation. Find what truly motivates your technicians. You may be surprised that while money is a motivator, it’s usually not the prime motivator.
      One last thing; the cost of technician turnover can be financially devastating. It also affects shop morale. Do all you can to create a workplace where technicians feel they are respected, recognized, and know that their work contributes to the overall success of the company. This will lead to improved morale and team spirit. Remember, when you see a technician’s toolbox rolling out of the bay on its way to another shop, the heart was most likely gone long before that.
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Recorded Live at the 2022 Transformers Summit with Mike Searls, President of ThiN AiR Brand, a toy company. Mike is a serial entrepreneur and he brings his passion for reinvigorating businesses to this episode. His secret? Find out what works and do more of that, find out what doesn't work and stop doing that, the faster you can do that, the faster you grow. Mike Searls, President at THiN AiR Brand
      Show Notes:
      95% of companies never make it to 1 million dollars. When business owners are unable to change or unwilling to change, they tend to stagnate, hit that glass ceiling, and they can't grow In business, your job is to find out what works and do more of that, find out what doesn't work and stop doing that, the faster you can do that, the faster you grow. Money makes you more of what you already are. So if you're a good operator, money can be great, but if you're not a good operator, money will make you an even worse operator Most businesses have plenty of lead flow, but they don't have enough conversion Find a problem, solve it, create a system around it, and then delegate it Your goal in life as a business owner is to create systems and find people who are better than you EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)- best results and buy in are from the employees What do you want your life to look like? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to build? A lot of entrepreneurs feel like they're not successful or not achieving their total dreams. They're not in their passion job. You don't have to love the industry you're in to have passion for it, it develops over time. If you love building something and you love winning, you're in a great industry to do that. Take the time to execute, and determine what you want to build, the love will come back If you're finding yourself in a rut, you're just unable to get to that next level. Fix yourself and get your self-esteem back (health, family etc).  Start with your service, make sure you're offering world-class service.  Then go to your sales, making sure you're selling it well so that you're getting more business. Third, work on your marketing, feed that marketing funnel, and then fourth, work on your operations.
      Connect with the Podcast: Aftermarket Radio Network Subscribe on YouTube Visit us on the Web Follow on Facebook Become an Insider Buy me a coffee Important Books Check out today's partners: Set your sights on Las Vegas in 2023. Mark your calendar now … October 31 - Nov 2, 2023, AAPEX - Now more than ever. And don’t miss the next free AAPEX webinar. Register now at AAPEXSHOW.COM Shop-Ware: More Time. More Profit. Shop-Ware Shop Management getshopware.com
      Click to go to the Podcast on Remarkable Results Radio
    • By Joe Marconi

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    • By flacvabeach
      I'm a classic British car fanatic who drives a 1969 Morris Minor 6cwt utility van on a daily basis. It took me a while to warm up to the new-fangled idea of hybrid cars, but now that I have some training and service experience under my belt, I have developed an admiration for the technology, especially as applied in the Toyota Prius. As most of you know there are a myriad of applications of so-called hybrid technology, some as simple as using the generator as a motor to supply a little more zip and perform auto-stop. Toyota, in my opinion, got it right in the Prius. It's an amazing integration of gas and electric power to make it go and make it stop, all of it so transparent to the driver that they decided to show a little movie of what's powering what as you drive down the road. Fascinating stuff. But the crowning glory to me is the transmission. it's usually advertised as a CVT and, if you're like most techs, you cringe a little when you hear that. Special fluids, start clutches, metal belts, shuddering as you accelerate and the near certainty of limited life make you think seriously about the value of this supposed innovation. But the Prius CVT is a completely different animal that uses a principle that can be a little hard to grasp. It's a planetary gear that is in constant mesh with no slip/friction components involved. What prompted me to post this is a neat website I found that describes the operation of the tranny in detail. It's at http://eahart.com/prius/psd/ and it even has a little widget that let's you "shift the gears" and see the results. It's no wonder that, since they improved the traction battery starting with the Gen2 in 2004, these little guys are just about bulletproof and it's not unusual to find them humming happily along at 250,000 plus.
    • By xrac

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    • Water Proof And Self Adhesive
    • By Milehigh
      As I get ready to launch a new business, I wonder how many owners utilize Commercial Account Representatives to solicit commercial or fleet work. The facility we are considering (10 bays) sits between two towns that have approximately 2200 registered businesses. I believe we can capture our fair share of the commercial business if we make it a priority and go after it. However, I'm concerned with the overhead costs of a account representative. Does anyone have experience with using commercial account representatives to solicit commercial work? What salary model do you use--commission, base+commission, salary. As always, I appreciate your experience and input.

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