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What New Tools Have You Purchased?

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The Bartec TPMS tool is the best I have seen so far. My Techs love it and its user friendly.


Is the Bartec TPMS tool the best for re-programming TPMS sensors? Also, which brand would you recommend to replace TPMS sensors that are damaged or broken?


Vehicles used on will be mostly Mazda, Land Rover, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla, Toyota type vehicles.



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Wenxing W333l key duplicator... Gotta really advertise that you have this to your customers, but once word gets around, it can pay off in a hurry.



I'm a few key cuts away from it paying itself off, all in just a few weeks of having it. And you would be absolutely amazed at how many people have only one key for their car... I'm guilty of it myself! Plus, if you know how much of a pain it can be on newer cars to add keys once someone has lost all of them, it's an easy sell to the customer.



Edit : Holy cow!!! 2007-2008-2013! :unsure: This thread was started one year after I graduated High School!!!! Thumbs up to AutoFantic for using the search function!

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Wow, that duplicator is great, Motley.


I believe I posted this already on another thread, but I want updates on this thread too, so I'll just post it here: Ross Tech's vag-com ... A VW / Audi dealer level scan tool for under $400. I see no reason why any shop would not have this tool ... It is unbeatable for the price. Heck, even VW dealership techs will use this tool over the official software. Highly recommended. It does literally everything the dealer tool does other than program keys.




Also got a pair of auto-setting wire strippers from Radio Shack the other day. They're pretty sweet too. ;)

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Wes Daniel, do you work on a lot of VW/Audi's? My lead tech talked to me the other day about the Ross Tech VAG-COM software. He said the same things as you, for the price you just can't beat it. The only reason we haven't already purchased it was because we don't really do a ton of VW's or Audi's. On a side note, we haven't really purchased any new tools but we did upgrade our flash lights from the battery operated ones to Stinger Stream Light LED rechargeable flash lights and they are GREAT!

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Wes Daniel, do you work on a lot of VW/Audi's? My lead tech talked to me the other day about the Ross Tech VAG-COM software. He said the same things as you, for the price you just can't beat it. The only reason we haven't already purchased it was because we don't really do a ton of VW's or Audi's.

VW Group only represents around 5% of the US market, so unless you are known for it, you will not see too many. However, in looking at scan tools, I compared auto market share by cost of the dealership-level tool, and the VW tool came on top for $400 and 5% of the market (another example, Ford's IDS will get you 16% of the market for $1600 plus $700 yearly, a much worse deal).

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I stumbled upon this website the other day and Wes reminded me of it. http://www.vag-info.com/ Might be of some help to someone out there.


From their site:

"Edilock Ltd company specialize in developing of car diagnostics software, key programming and immobiliser pin code reading devices, odometer correction software and devices for bypassing the immobilizer of petrol and diesel cars from VAG Group. All our products are genuine and we do not sell chinese copies. Most popular products are BMW Key Programming Device for CAS 3 module via OBD II for all E - series 2003 - 2012, AVDI hardware and special software functions , Toyota Key programming via OBD II, TANGO Programmer, OMEGA - ORANGE Programmer, TAG Key Tool, BMW EWS 3 Key programming Device, VAG Pin Code Reading, DASHCODER - Odometer programming tool and more... "

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