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[Brand Choice] Automotive Oil Filters

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Oil filters are one of those important parts categories that every shop usually stocks, to turn bays faster and offer an oil change service as a way to capture needed maintenance and repairs. 

  • What is your preferred brand of oil filters and why?
  • Are you stocking oil filters in your shop? How do you keep your inventory stocked and updated if you do?
  • Who is your oil filter supplier and why?
  • Are you using a standard or premium oil filter on average?
  • If you service trucks, are you using Heavy Duty filters; Baldwin, Fleetguard, Luberfiner, etc.?


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We use a variety of filters, depending on vehicle.  We stoke a lot of Mann/Mahle/Hengst filters where they're OE for things we see often, mostly Euro & GM cartridge filters.  Microguards from Oreilly for the random generic vehicles that aren't picky. Motorcrafts for the ford stuff, AC Delco for the LS & truck filters.


I stock filters for vehicles we know we see often.  Most of the rest comes from either Worldpac, or Oreilly. 95% of what we stock comes from Worldpac. Why?  Price & availability, why else?

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