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Discover The Top 3 Sales Techniques To EXPLODE Profits In Your Auto Repair Shop.

For a lot of shops across the country, we’re heading into the typical ’slow-down’ season that happens every year when the kids head back to school. Aside from focusing on your marketing to boost car count, right now it’s more important than ever to sharpen your sales skills so you can take advantage of each and every opportunity that walks into your shop.

That’s why my business partner Gerry Frank, and renowned sales trainer and coach, Mike Tatich, recently sat down and recorded a new training titled:

"The Top 3 Sales Techniques To EXPLODE Profits In Your Auto Repair Shop"

On this free training, you will learn:

  • Quick and easy sales techniques that can put an extra $1000 a week in your pocket
  • How to book at least one additional high-dollar ticket every day
  • How to sell diagnostics for a PROFIT (and stop giving it away for free!)

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover and put these money-making strategies to work for you in your shop right away!


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