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Shop Owners: Can you ever unplug?

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I LOVE watching other shop owners when I am at a weekday class of any sort.  Most of them can't wait for a break so they can check-in.  Sorry, but that just PROVES how much they need that class.  I have a crew that I TRUST!   I very seldom check-in with my crew.   If you do not trust your crew - hey, who hired them?  Train them, ENABLE them, and enjoy your life!

But lock my Cell in my room safe?  WOW!  I'm not sure I'm THAT brave!  🙂

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I've reached that point in my life where I realize the value of unplugging. The shop is running great without me, often better... The unplugging used to take 4-5 days before I can relax and now I'm down to a quick 24hr period before that "Zen" point. This summer has pushed me to enjoy the time I have and let my employees run the business. They're rewarded for doing a good job & they make me proud. I've had several amazing vacations this year and looking forward to a few more. The latest was a week on the Houseboat in Lake Powell. I owe it to other owners and their wisdom, guys like Joe Marconi, Bob Cooper, Jim Murphy and many more who have taught me to release the bad customers, embrace the good and take care of the people that have a positive influence on you. Never be afraid of changing the way things are done! I talk to other shop owners on a daily basis and hear the same story, "That won't work in my shop", "My techs won't agree to that", etc.. Be the change, Lead them, Show them. It can be done.



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Tire Rack: Revolutionizing tire buying since 1979.

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