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  1. rubberbroker

    Shop Owners: Can you ever unplug?

    Joe, Good for you! Leaving the phone behind once you do it...is the most liberating thing of our current time..especially for a well connected business owner. Now, take the next step and leave it behind when you are with friends and family. The more you do it the easier and becomes...and guess what...no one really cares! We have becomes so reliant and dependent on constant feeds from this wonderful tool, that we forget that we are actually in the middle of a life that consist of way more than a business. To your point, can shop owners truly unplug? The answer is yes, with small steps like this, it becomes the gateway to healthy boundaries. So if you say you can't, try it. Test it. What is the worst that will happen? I tell you this..it will help you identify where you need to focus to start living your life and enjoying the right now. Funny thing is, I'm sitting here on my front porch listening to a rain storm...plugged in! Dammit!! Ok, I'm going out with friends for dinner and punting the phone!
  2. rubberbroker

    Employee Uniforms

    Hey David, Several years ago, we decided to buy our own uniforms, rugs and rags. Over the past 10 years, we spend less than 40% of what it was cost back then. That equates to roughly $25k for our single shop with 10 uniformed employees! For us, it is worth it. Happy to chat with you in more detail if you want to shoot me an email [email protected] Chris
  3. rubberbroker


    I've been going for 25 years. As a shop owner, I feel it is necessary to be involved in your industry outside of your own environment. The opportunity to see and touch the changes going on today....give you insight to where we are all going. Network with others and learn exponentially. If I summarize going to this show or any industry conference....INSPIRATION. So this is my first post...been a lurker for a while...but time to take my own advice and.....participate! Chris