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I've been criticized recently for efforts to increase our exposure, perceived value in our product/service offerings and strategies to increase ARO.


The question I'm met with is "Don't you think you're making too much $ on every job?"


These individuals saying this don't comprehend that the basic principles of business. When McDonald's began asking "would you like fries and a coke with that?" there bottom line as a company tripled over night and there customers were perfectly happy overall.


There is nothing wrong with upselling. There is nothing wrong with adding convenience, quality, exposure and/or decreasing non-value adding/unnecessary costs.


Go determine your business model & pricing system, be honest and go make as much money as possible with integrity!


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"their sales"


and yeah, who's giving you s** about up-selling. that's the whole point of multi-point inspections. Helps the customer by identifying problems and helps the shop by selling jobs that make money. Any mildly successful shop does that. We'd all go broke if we just did oil changes.


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Hi Total Auto Care! Like the others (above), I wonder who is saying this. So let me ask YOU a couple of quesitons:

1) Aren't you in business to make money?? 

2) Why not ask your accountant if you're making "too much money".

3) In a few cases, talking with shop owners, I've actually been told that in some cases, I am "all about making more money for the shop". My reply, what other way can you measure your success? With that said, YES, I understand that you lead a life outside the shop; and then there's family; loved ones, etc. But I will GUARANTEE you this: "Sales fix a lot of problems!"

4) My only other comments is that you usually get "the biggest noise from the emptiest canons"

Don't worry about it.... as long as your "upsells" provide better value for the customer and you're not selling a bunch of stuff that's not needed. (Sorry, just had to add that - although I'm sure you're not :)

Good luck! And I would still (like the others) know who was making the comments. 

Hope this helps!

Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"

Fix Your Car Count in 17 Minutes... Guaranteed!

The Official Guide to Auto Shop Marketing

The Auto Shop Owner's Unfair Advantage!

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