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Headlight Restoration

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Curios to hear what other shops are doing for headlight restoration services. We used to just wet sand then polish with a bottle of some turtle wax headlight cleaner. They looked great when we finished, but the problem was it didn't last. We then started using a product called Light Rite. It takes much longer to use this product since you are having to tape off a good bit of the surrounding area when you spray on the clear coat. It looks great most of the time, but we've had issues with it flaking later one, or not going on real evenly. It's also difficult to charge enough and still come out ahead time-wise. 


So I'm curious, what is everyone else doing and what are you charging? What kind of warranty are you offering on the service? I'm to the point that today I told the guys we are not selling the service anymore until we find a better way.

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