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I have a tech whose been with me a year. He's been written up twice in the last 90 days. He is currently on a 90 day probation For not following shop policies and procedures such as cell phone use and not performing his duties as assigned in the employee handbook. He had eight years experience with Mazda and I was aware when I hired him there would be a slight were learning curve coming from the dealership to independent. Well were year into it and we seem to still be at point a. He has only run 40 hours one week of the 52 weeks he's been with us. He lacks at diagnosing even the simplest things such as a noise or coolant leak are difficult for him to diagnose. Last week he wrote a vehicle up to replace the transmission. He replaced the transmission and the vehicle is still doing the same thing. My lead technician had to step in and show him the proper steps to diagnosing the vehicle . It very well could have needed the transmission but it needs a pcm as well. Now I'm stuck holding the bill. My dilemma is my lead tech will be leaving in April I'm very concerned that this technician will not be able to handle diagnosing without direction from my lead tech. Question to all of you is do I cut my losses now or continue on with trying to lead the tech in the right direction?

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