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Is 2016 the year?

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Every year I swear the next year is the one that will be the "break out" year. I am spending this week reviewing my business for last year and planning for the new year. My biggest goal this year is to DOUBLE my gross sales! Secondly will be to buy a building if possible. Third is to be debt free (shy the building). Lofty goals...you bet. But I find myself being the "shop that will help you out" and it is not leading to the profits I need to be seeing. I love helping folks but the time has come to help myself! I don't plan to be a grumpy old man just gotaa be firm and profitable!

To that end I want to thank every one here in ASO for your help, guideance and most of all your FRIENDSHIP! You dont know (or maybe you do) how much this all means to me!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANNK YOU!!! Giod bless and heres to a FANTASTIC 2016!

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