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  1. Unfortunately it must be hard checks,they write all the checks for the same day and then you and they determine when to deposit the others over the next 60 days. you must deposit the first check within 3 days. And the cost is relative to a credit card charge. and again I do a lot of them it works well , I probably have 15 in the folder right now
  2. We use Crosscheck , http://www.cross-check.com/ and they will approve 4 checks over 60 days passed solely on check writing history of the customer. We do a lot of them in these economic times and it works extremely well. It allows the customer a chance to float it over 60 days without a new card and without interest. It doesn't cost us anymore than a normal credit card transaction fee. If they default you still get paid.even if they stop payment as long as you ran the check through their system. works well and I get a lot of large jobs that we would miss out on otherwise. Don
  3. Send Me a fax number and I will Fax you the TIA official manual ( lots of pages )
  4. Gonzo, We have a saying at my shop....... Hesaid looks at a lot of cars but he never seems to fix any.
  5. Well I think I'm going to check out of this discussion at the LIAR part. I will leave you with this, I will continue to do 100-115k per month on my 95 percent repeat customer base and you can carry on with your 2 hour brake jobs and continue to believe that it CAN NOT be done in less than an hour in the end it does not affect me at all.
  6. We pay the tech 1 hour for a hang and turn/when I was a tech we were paid .8 for the same job and I promise you I can do a front brake Job properly in well under an hour including replacing or machining and replacing and machining with the on car lathe.. I don't drink coffee and I keep the wrench in my hand and work both sides of the car at the same time,including the lube brush to lube the slides and pins. we pay 51.99 across the board for the adaptive ones and I take smaller margin on the part when I have a package deal. If I do 4 brake jobs a day at 169.95 it beats the heck out of 2 at 209
  7. We use the Adaptive Ones exclusively,they are the only pad we guarantee not to squeak or squeal and our price point is 169.95 installed includes the machining of the rotors.And if they are looking for cheap we send them on down the road as our reputation is more important to us than the few cheap brake jobs we lose out on.We have been using the Adaptive Ones for 2 1/2 years now with zero issues by the way.
  8. Our check service will approve 3 checks over a 60 day period, So we divide the total into 3 equal payments and upon pre approval the customer is able to break a repair into 60 days.It works extremely well.and the checks are guaranteed once they are approved.The company we use is Crosscheck.This has closed many sales for us that would not have been approved otherwise.

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