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  1. sheltrens

    Renting From The Competition

    Why are they allowing it to be competition. Why don't they rent the building to be something other than auto repair. I mergered with the shop a block down the street. My old building will never be an automotive shop again while I am alive. For you it sounds like a decent opportunity.
  2. sheltrens

    hourly rate , not enough?

    I am in rural Iowa 5 miles from Minnesota border. Town of 6000 people and we are at 101.93. I merged with the shop across the street at the beginning of the year. I was at 100 and he was as at 92. I changed it after a week. No one noticed. If I went up another 10 tomorrow no one would still notice. At this level $10 basically equals .1 per hour. No customer has a clue if the job books for 1.5 or 1.8. If someone is afraid to raise labor rate just index all labor by 1.1 or 1.2. The industries around me are paying 18-20 per hour with good benefits. I have to pay my guys well to keep them and they deserve better wages. They are educated workers and I rely on them heavily. At the rate of inflation and how far behind my area is. We should be around 120.
  3. sheltrens

    Dealer sourced parts

    I charge more than dealer list on most parts. If the parts is outrages from the dealer I may not go as high. On the under $50 parts I throw in my matrix like everything else. I am in a rural area and have a big dealer network 2 hours away. They deliver 5 days a week. I try to buy online at repairlinkshop.com. I usually have 30%margin to work with and more on other things. I can see there inventory also. I also warranty all of my jobs for 2year 24 months. The dealer doesn't. Scott
  4. sheltrens

    20 Groups

    I was in Turn Around Tour with Gary Gunn as the facilitator and coach. I learned most of what I know about running an auto repair shop and met a lot of great shop owners. I do not know if my shop would still exist if I had not joined a 20 group. It definitely would not be on as good of a path as it is.