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  1. Spent Monday working with one of the engineers from Zenith Motors at my shop. Zenith Motors builds air port shuttle vans that are 100% electric based on a Dodge platform. Impressive stuff. Had to learn to read computer binary because all there info on their laptop program doesn't use voltage or values most mechanics use. Crazy...but cool

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    2. Gonzo


      The engineer they sent is the same guy who worked out the software program to fake the factory PCM to think it still was talking to an engine. Because they still use the factory A/C control head, ABS, etc... The gas gauge is now the voltage level, and the tach. is the amperage load. All done with tricking the computer by manipulating the signal to what the PCM could understand. Hundreds of pages covering every single code has been covered. Oh... and the engineer that did all of this... he...

    3. Gonzo


      is only 28 years old. Impressive to say the least.

    4. Joe Marconi

      Joe Marconi

      Wow, that's above my pay grade. Very impressive!