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  1. This week is going to be short for me. Helping the wife carry 50 (yes 50) show quilts to a convention at the end of the week. I'm the mule....dah not the quilter, that's the wife. Then when we get back this coming weekend I only have two days at the shop.... then VACATION!!! First time I've taken two whole weeks off, closing the shop (not the office) for those two weeks. Heading to Mexico, golf, ocean fishing, lay on the beach...and uhm...lots of Tequila.

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    2. Gonzo


      how'd ya guess Joe? Unless it's bottled water (sealed) I stick with the Tequila.


    3. Joe Marconi

      Joe Marconi

      Well, due to the water, Tequila is the logical choice...you know...for medicinal reasons...right?


    4. Gonzo


      logical choice. I'll be sure to let ya know how my analysis of the differences between water and Tequila go. As I always say,"Test first, test second, and when in doubt...test a third time." They'll be a lot of tests taken I'm sure.