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  2. Will be there for both conferences since I also have body shops, I will make sure to say Hi. Steve Connolly
  3. Hello Ron, Just want to let you know I really enjoy your daily videos you send out, most of the time I will get something out of them that I can use in my business. So keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you every morning this week. Thanks Again, Steve Connolly
  4. Joe you have to believe the consumer is a bit rattled these days not knowing which nitwit is going to be elected. They most likely don't have a lot of confidence it either one.
  5. The one marketing program that has worked for the best besides our direct mail to out current customer base is the internet. If you have a good website and a good company that will have you at the top of the search page in YOUR area (10 miles or less) you will see results and ones you can measure. It works great for getting new customers, also we use a weekly email blast to all our customers and constant contact to build our email list. Also we have cut out all yellow pages and most local advertising and shifted that money to the internet , improving our website and direct mail.
  6. Just wondering what promotions/coupons are working for you guy's this spring? It's interesting to see what is working in different area's.
  7. What I have been doing is giving a bonus of $100 or more per year of service the employee has been with us. Sometimes if it has been a decent year we will also do a Christmas party at a local resteraunt. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!!!
  8. I did some comparison shopping on a fuel pump for a Chevy Blazer and they were way off, not sure what fuel pump brand they are quoteing and who's list they are using. They seemed to be in the hunt on labor. Can't see how this would help us as shop owners and I don't think its a real popular site either.
  9. Well it's interesting that the guy who was going to be the Commerce secretary and decided against it came out yesterday and said we will go bankrupt as a country if the Great one gets his budget passed. All I have to say is we better all watch out because higher taxes and more Goverment are on the way. What we need are more protests like the one in Orlando!
  10. Would like to know if anybody has had experience or currently uses this program? Had a salesmen stop by and pitch this company, claims that they will drive fleet business my way for a fee of course. Thanks Steve
  11. That is a lot of great idea's and I have already been implementing some of them like taking in all customers and working them into the schedule, be as accomadating as you can. Also give customers some value pricing in today's economy thats important. Keep up the good work!!
  12. Eric, Thanks for your input and I will check out the local chapter shortly. Regards, Steve

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