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I am looking for some input as to "it's part of the job"!


Does your shop charge extra for the following services:?

When performing an alignment and you have to heat frozen tie rods or other adjusting bolts.


When mounting tires and the rims are corroded and you have to get the wire wheel grinder out to clean the bead.


When the customer looses the lug nut key and we have to remove it with a turbo socket.


Stick on weight tire balance.


I do allot of work for the financially challenged so I sell allot of single tires. This week I sold as many single tires as I did pairs. Would you charge more to mount and balance 1 tire? It is the same amount of phone time, paper work and it takes the same amount of time to set up and inspect the vehicle.


I would like to know how the additional service are handled by your shop.

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