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Is there a trick to getting the car?

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Since I have switched from used tires to more NEW tires and service I have struggled getting people to leave me their cars. Why does everyone think that getting their vehicle repaired is like buying a gallon of milk? Do they really think they will be in and out quickly? I am in no rush to repair vehicles. My belief is that when it's right, it's ready.


I have worked for many shops and it is always the rush jobs that never get the attention needed. I remember some schmuck service adviser yacking my ear off to hurry the oil change up. When this happened I would be forced to drain, fill and ship.


I was at a Dodge dealership today dropping off a customers car for a clock spring recall and I heard this women go out into the shop and yell "waiter here". I felt kind of bad for the customer getting a drain, fill and ship or a set the toe and let it go. You could hear by her voice that waiters are hurry, hurry, hurry.


Don't people want a good job done and if so don't they know better to drop it off?


Quick lubes? Who the hell would want a quick lube. This is not pizza delivery. I would want a long lube. Change my oil and filter, grease the complete chassis, vacuum my floors, lube my doors, clean my windshield, check my air pressures and so on.


Maybe I will be the first shop to offer the "Long Lube".


I can't stand the pressure of the customer getting up out of the chair and looking out the window into the shop and then looking at his or her watch. I am real close to taking the chairs out of the waiting room and placing stickers of foot prints on the floor against the wall. LOL


Please tell me your word track.



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