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We interviewed a technician last Friday. Most of his work experience was with new car dealers. He said to me that he left the dealer, never to return because of a number of reasons. First, the flat rate pay system which resulted in some weeks making hardly any pay.


He also told me of the empty promises made to him and lack of feeling secure at the dealer. He made it a point to tell me that he will never go back to.work for a new car dealer and is now looking for employment in an independent shop. He is an A rated Tech with nearly 20 years in the business.


This got me thinking; is this a common theme and are new car dealers chasing away technicians because of the way they conduct business?


I don’t want to lump all dealers in the same category, but this not the first time I have heard this. In fact, my employment at a Ford Dealer in the late 1970’s was one of the reasons I left the dealer and started my own shop.


Your thoughts?

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