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So Right now I am in a 30x30 space with a small office and one lift. We do everything from engines and transmissions to power steering lines and alignments. At the end of July we will have an addition completed to our building that is going to be an additional 30x60 I was thinking 15x30 for office and 45x30 for 3 more bays making it a total of 4.


Here is my conundrum, The guy that i use to take care of my transmission stuff is the tranny guy at the dodge dealer by day and moonlights as a Transmission rebuilder. This transmission rebuilder has asked me if I would rent a space to him in my addition. Now he is a hard working S.O.B. that wants to open his own shop one day but needs a stepping stone. He is also the kind of guy i would let run my business.


So the question is do stick to my plan of a total of 4 bays and a larger office or 5 bays and a small office. And would you allow someone like that to work out of your shop.


Also on average how much space do you give each of your technicians. I was thinking 2 techs to 3 bays would make for a nice work environment.

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