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Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Snow in the Midwest


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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

    • By Joe Marconi in Joe's Blog
      There are many things to consider when creating a marketing plan. Among them are establishing a budget, what forms of media should be used, and whether traditional advertising, such as TV, radio, and print, is still relevant.  And of course, how much should be allocated to social media and digital advertising?
      All the above are essentials to any marketing plan. However, the first step is ensuring that you have a healthy workplace and that your employees understand your company’s culture and the overall mission and vision. 
      We all know that happy employees create happy customers. No form of advertising can overcome a toxic workplace with unhappy employees. If your employees are not creating an amazing customer experience, your marketing plan will not work.
      Advertising and marketing may bring in customers, but the people in your company creating an amazing customer experience will be the most important component of your marketing plan.  It’s the customer experience that sells work and gives the customer a reason to return. 
      Creating an amazing employee experience, which creates an amazing customer experience, is also the most cost-effective part of your marketing plan. In fact, it cost next to nothing.
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    • By Joe Marconi
      Major car makers are fighting back and want to push the implementation of the Right to Repair Act in Massachusetts from 2022 to 2025.  Two proposals are now being considered. This would only hurt the aftermarket by delaying much-needed information to repair and service vehicles. 
      I urge everyone to stay informed and if you agree with Right to Repair, do what you can to voice your opinion.
      Thoughts and comments? 
      Here's an article about what's happening in MA, with Right to Repair:
    • By carmcapriotto
      Jim Hayes is originally from North Carolina but spent time in various places growing up and has lived in the Monterey Bay area for the past 23 years. He grew up playing sports and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors; hunting and camping are among his favorite pastimes. After high school, Jim joined the United States Army where he served with elements of the Intelligence and Special Forces communities.
      After completing his goals in the Army, he moved to the Monterey Peninsula, where he turned his focus toward becoming a golf professional. As a member of the PGA, Jim held the title of Manager of Instruction for the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, where he taught golf to individuals from around the world. True to form, after achieving what he set out to accomplish in the world of golf, Jim transitioned to the automotive industry, where he currently serves as General Manager of Pacific Motor Service.
      His background keeps him dedicated to the building and development of the most important asset any company has: its team. With a strong desire to maximize the potential of those around him, Jim has created a leadership and personal development course that is attended on a volunteer basis by 90% of the company’s staff. Jim’s goal for the business is to optimize performance and maximize efficient profitability by using the fundamentals of business finance, strategic planning and by creating a culture built on a foundation of principle-centered leadership. Check out Jim’s other episode HERE!
      Dave Martin is the Owner and President of Martin’s Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ. His automotive career began pulling weeds on the shop property, then as he got older Dave moved into a station helper and gas attendant. Dave then became the shop manager before taking over the family business from his father in 2006.
      Dave has worked to bring the business into the technology world, communicating with customers at their level with digital inspections, email, and texting. Dave also knows a key to a successful business has a team that has strengths he does not. Check out Dave’s other episode HERE!
      Key Talking Points:
      Consider OSHA both Federal and State to have dealt with the correct protocols for the virus In California, if you get Covid-19 it is assumed that you got it at work in order to have it covered under a work comp claim  Went to get customers cars, disinfected car both inbound and out-bound Concierge service was very helpful. Disinfection will continue, according to Dave Martin. Shut down the waiting room and served customers at a table that was outside the business. In the Northern states that will not wok with winter The world has never been cleaner. You get fewer colds. Will we lose our resistance with our immune systems?There is a balance (Jim Hayes) Via marketing, we told our customers it was OK to come into the shop We drove convenience for the customer Reached out for inspections especially if the car sat Jim Hayes concentrated his marketing in a tighter distance from his shop. A mile and a half was his target. PPP was helpful. It helped the confidence in the business alive for the team. Jim Hayes. His business maintained about 70% of his business. Fixed and maintained during downtime. Made improvements to the business Kept the team informed to they participated and gained confidence in the future of the business David Martin in Arizona did not have a second ware. Jim Hayes did have a second wave of Covid-19 that is threatening many small businesses. If you had bad business practices before PPP money and you did not change, you are going to come out with the same bad business practices Dave made huge changes in 2008 when the last economic bust hit. He did not experience huge challenges during the pandemic because he had conditioned his business. Jim is always re-evaluating and improving as part of their culture, so the pandemic did not affect the business as much as others.He is an adrenaline junkie. Attrition if effective in business Jim is losing clients because of the mass exodus from California, not from Copvid-19Some of Dave’s clients were younger and they moved back with their parents Dave stepped up his leadership to help his team know that they could get through any challenges. We will be fine. Jim. The reason you study and learn leadership is for moments like the pandemic dished out. We are tougher because of the pandemic Being an essential part of the economy brought value to the industry   Resources:
      A special thanks to Jim Hayes, and Dave Martin for their contribution to the aftermarket. Books Page HERE Listen to all Remarkable Results Radio, For The Record and Town Hall Academy episodes. Facebook   Twitter   Linked In   Email
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      This episode is brought to you by Shop-Ware Shop Management. It’s time to run your business at its fullest potential with the industry’s leading technology. Shop-Ware Shop Management will increase your efficiency with lightning-fast workflows, help your staff capture more sales every day, and create very happy customers who promote your business. Shops running Shop-Ware have More Time and generate More Profit—join them! Schedule a free live demonstration and find out how 30 minutes can transform your shop at getshopware.com

      This episode is brought to you buy Shop Marketing Pros. Your guides are Kim and Brian Walker with a rich history as shop owners and industry veterans. When someone searches for a shop, who are they finding? Your competitors? It should be you! The good people over at Shop Marketing Pros know how to drive website traffic and make Google work for you! www.shopmarketingpros.com
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    • By ASOG Podcast
      In this episode, David & Lucas are joined by Tom Ham, the president of Auto Centric in Grand Rapids Michigan as well as the founder of the Automotive ...
    • By ASOG Podcast
      In this episode, David & Lucas are joined by Tom Ham, the president of Auto Centric in Grand Rapids Michigan as well as the founder of the Automotive Management Network.

      If you’re not familiar with Tom he tends to say out loud what no one else will. This made for a very interesting conversation as we spoke candidly about the ideas behind moving the industry forward.

      Find out more about Tom's work at https://www.automotivemanagementnetwork.com/.
      If you’d like early access to each episode as well as the second part of our conversations on the podcast, head over to http://asog.site and click on the “become a patron now” button. 

      All proceeds go to funding ASOG a 501c3 educational charity. So, your contribution is tax-deductible. Becoming a VIP Patron is only $9 a month. 
      Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/AutoShopOwnersGroup)
    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
    • By carmcapriotto
      Luke Walker started Luke's Auto in Columbus Ohio in November of 2009 after being a technician for 5 years. The rent was $350 a month for a 1 bay shop and he had zero employees. The first-year Luke's Auto did $260,000 in sales. At the end of 2014, Luke's Auto was up to $750,000 in annual revenue with 10 employees. 
      Luke realized that he needed business training and since 2014, he has spent around $150,000 in business consultants and training. This business consulting and training brought his ability as a business owner to a new level and helped to secure Luke's Auto as one of the top shops in Columbus.
      10 years into the business there are now 16 bays, 24 employees, and $4MM in projected revenue for 2020. Luke's Auto is the top Yelp and Google rated independent shop in all of Columbus and was voted as one of the "Three Best Car Repair Shops" in Columbus. Luke's has also been features in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.
      Key Talking Points:
      Started with 1 bay shop, now has 16 bays, 24 employees and on track for almost 4 million  Coaching consultants (Cecil Bullard, Ryan Clo, Aaron Stokes) big key with success- profits had flatlined and more problems arose as the business grew and became bigger  Credits his success to the team as well- finding talented people that fit the culture of the business Inner-city skills-based non-profit program- wanted to give back to the community11-19-year-old students-focused on high school students The program was established for 20 years but recently in the last 6 months it had stopped due to lead person retiring because of health reasons After school program- an actual shop that has different stations, once a week for an hour and a half for 6 weeks. Identify and cultivate students that are gifted with working with their hands Time trials- timing how fast they can complete tasks after teaching them, top 3 receive toolsets and invite to advanced program  Helps separate the students that are gifted and interested in the industry sooner, which will help steer them into the right path for their future  Run by Luke and volunteers Hired student from the programStudent shadowed at the shop after excelling with program  Youngest hire at the shop at 16 years old Wants to go mobile with programMost of the stations they’ve created are on a workbench inside the shop, can easily transport on a trailer and bring to a high school Raised 150K so far for program- first donation was from a woman from church that donated 50K, other donations were from NAPA and other dealerships Is making money evil in your mind? “Love of money is the root of evil” What do you want to look back on? Is it making money or making a difference and help people Resources:
      Thanks to Luke Walker for his contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast. Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers. Listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Podchaser and many more. Mobile Listening APP's HERE Find every podcast episode HERE. Every episode segmented by Series HERE. Key Word Search HERE. Be socially involved and in touch with the show:
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      Gold Certification recognizes top tier NAPA AutoCares with a high level of participation in the AutoCare program. The program was built by AutoCare Centers for AutoCare Centers to provide a consistent consumer experience, maximize technology leverage, and reward NAPA’s most committed partners. In other words, Gold Certified AutoCare Centers are the standard bearers for the AutoCare brand nationwide. Simply put, the Gold Certified NAPA AutoCare program, powered by your local shop brand, will separate you from the rest helping you boost your bay counts and your average repair orders.
      Learn more about NAPA AutoCare, Gold Certification, and the hundreds of other benefits the NAPA family has to offer. Talk with your servicing NAPA store or visit, www.NAPAAutoCare.com.
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As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

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