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A Woman, a Car and a Mattress - A TRUE STORY

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A woman ran over an innerspring mattress on the highway,

And decided not to worry -- and kept on driving.

It caught on the undercarriage of her Ford.


The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough

To tear a hole in the fuel tank.


The subsequent lack of fuel is what finally

Brought her vehicle to its knees.


She had managed to drive 30 miles,

With a 60 pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.


She had it towed to her Ford dealership, and complained

That the vehicle had a 'sort of a noise'

When she was driving at high speeds.


Below are the photos of what they

Found at her Ford Dealership....................


The last photo is by far the best.


"Sort of a noise" -- I'll bet it did!


They Still Can't Believe Their Eyes.

And Still Wondering How To Remove It!



IM guessing she wanted goodwill as well…J






And the best





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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

      Most shop owners would agree that the independent auto repair industry has been too cheap for too long regarding its pricing and labor rates. However, can we keep raising our labor rates and prices until we achieve the profit we desire and need? Is it that simple?
      The first step in achieving your required gross and net profit is understanding your numbers and establishing the correct labor and part margins. The next step is to find your business's inefficiencies that impact high production levels.
      Here are a few things to consider. First, do you have the workflow processes in place that is conducive to high production? What about your shop layout? Do you have all the right tools and equipment? Do you have a continuous training program in place? Are technicians waiting to use a particular scanner or waiting to access information from the shop's workstation computer?
      And lastly, are all the estimates written correctly? Is the labor correct for each job? Are you allowing extra time for rust, older vehicles, labor jobs with no parts included, and the fact that many published labor times are wrong? Let's not forget that perhaps the most significant labor loss is not charging enough labor time for testing, electrical work, and other complicated repairs.  
      Once you have determined the correct labor rate and pricing, review your entire operation. Then, tighten up on all those labor leaks and inefficiencies. Improving production and paying close attention to the labor on each job will add much-needed dollars to your bottom line.
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      Navigating through the current industry challenges Tackling the technician shortage through employee retention Creating memorable customer experiences Growing & expanding your business in 2023 Financial planning & KPIs to measure And that’s not all.
      The interactive, dynamic conference also offers live networking opportunities, and fun games and prizes.
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      For the first time in a VERY LONG time, I see a lot of positive news with regard to labor rates.  More and more shop owners and managers are crunching their numbers and increasing their labor rates to better ensure their companies achieves a profit and also to be able to pay their employees what they deserve. 
      Profit is needed in order to build for the future and to be able to attract quality people. 
      I really think that this is perhaps the best time in our recent history to revisit your labor rates and bottom line and adjust your rates accordingly.  
      Have you adjusted your labor rates recently, or plan on it? 
    • By carmcapriotto
      Live at AAPEX 2022, we are in the studio with Malcolm Sissmore, VP of Sales and Marketing for Delphi Technologies. Malcolm discusses aftermarket solutions for the 65 million work trucks on the road in the United States. He also has a simple solution for contaminated fuel tanks. Delphi Technologies has designed a tool to remove metal particles in a fuel tank. Guess what, it is free to the aftermarket! Malcolm Sissmore, Vice President, Sales, North America Independent Aftermarket, Delphi Product and Service Solutions. Malcolm's previous episodes HERE Key Talking Points
      Want a Delphi Fuel Tank Cleaning Tool? Delphi Technologies, a brand of BorgWarner, is offering free samples of their cleaning tool. Supplies are limited, so request one today by emailing:  [email protected] There are 65 million work trucks on the road in the United States and Canada- a lot of work trucks have been worked hard with the fleet during the past 2 years “All around the work truck” with Delphi Technologies Most fleets are less than four vehicles  We often have to think about the aftermarket part of that. Is it going to be a rebuildable part? Is it gonna be a part that as intellectual property is not available to be sold in the aftermarket? How do we make sure that it's gonna be available when that vehicle comes out of warranty? The fuel being put in your gas tank today is different than it was 10 years ago Emission coil for Volkswagon- created a bent in the coil so that the pressure would come up and out and not unseat the coil   Looking at the failure rates by product category. And starting to predict, what does that look like? 80% of the failures have been caused by contamination in the fuel tank.  Delphi Technologies has designed a tool that is about 15 inches long and has a swiveling head on the end that has three magnets built into it. It has a replaceable cloth that you put on that. You take this tool, and you drop it straight down into the tank, and you push it around edge to edge, and if there are metal particles stuck to that magnet, your tank is contaminated Borg Warner purchased Delphi 2 years ago Fleet telematics
      Connect with the Podcast: Aftermarket Radio Network Subscribe on YouTube Visit us on the Web Follow on Facebook Become an Insider Buy me a coffee Important Books Check out today's partners: Set your sights on Las Vegas in 2022. Mark your calendar now … November 1-3, 2022, AAPEX - Now more than ever. And don’t miss the next free AAPEX webinar. Register now at AAPEXSHOW.COM/WEBINAR. Shop-Ware: More Time. More Profit. Shop-Ware Shop Management getshopware.com
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Guest Host and Shop Tour with Demeny Pollitt, Girlington Garage, South Burlington, VT. Demeny believes in a transparent business and lists her labor rates and menu prices on her website. Demeny Pollitt, Girlington Garage, South Burlington, VT.
      Key Talking Points 
      Lists labor rate and prices on website Menu board in the shop also lists prices Be transparent- customers know what to expect  Experiences as a woman getting car repairs- unfortunate situations occurred. Wanted to go to a woman technician and realized other women probably felt the same. Wanted to open her own shop where women and men didn’t feel like they were getting ‘ripped off’   Went to school to be a technician- gets bored easily and wanted an engaging career.  Took a local women's small business startup course Opened for 13 years- hired business coach 3 years ago. Felt close to being done after 10 years and needed support in a business coach. Hired a manager to run the day-to-day.  Looks outside of the automotive industry for hires- hospitality  
      Connect with the Podcast:
      Aftermarket Radio Network
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      Important Books
      Check out today's partner:
      Dorman gives people greater freedom to fix vehicles by constantly developing new repair solutions that put owners and technicians first. Take the Dorman Virtual Tour at www.DormanProducts.com/Tour

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    • By Eric Roberts
      Diesel + Hydrogen mix from out of Australia Great News
      Of course we all now know about the ridiculous race set out by our government to rid the world of carbon burning materials including our beloved fossil fuelled cars. In recent times we have had the world of electric and hybrid cars rammed down our throats. I know that I am a small garage owner and so have self-interests in this drive to disaster. Of course to rid the planet of petrol and diesel vehicles.
      However people are realizing the foolishness and impossible targets set out by our politicians. Living without our cars will be an impossible disaster to most drivers in the UK. Millions of drivers will be forced off the road so that our politicians can brag about their achievements.
      Well thank God that there are people out there looking for alternatives to the dreaded electric cars. I do understand the need for cleaner air to protect the planet from greenhouse gasses but scientists are working all the time to prevent this. Giving us cleaner cars from engine designs that use other materials along with the "status quo" of our regular petrol and diesel engine cars.
      Electric and hydrogen cars already with us
      Of course, electric battery operated cars are now with us thanks to people the likes of "Tesla". However these are far from perfect. Speaking from the UK, s prospective, we are a country of old "Victorian" architecture. We have very narrow streets and roads which will be unable to support the millions of electric charging points required.
      At the moment the winner for me will be in the form of "hybrid" cars. These are now becoming very popular. With an engine supported by a standard battery and run on petrol. Combined with a lithium type battery. Hence the word "Hybrid".  Car manufacturers certainly like this type of idea for their customers and engineers have been studying and working on different ideas with mixed types of fuels. Including "Hydrogen fuel cells".
      Thanks to a great article by journalist "Will Locket". Then we are looking at very strong and affordable competition to the EV revolution.
      Australian Engineers come up with a great new revolution
      I must confess that reading article has made my day. Researches in Australia have come up with a technology that can convert a diesel engine into a "carbon neutral" engine. The idea is to combine the burning of twin fuels, diesel and clean burning hydrogen. This is fantastic news and will include other diesel vehicle, including, and trucks farm vehicles.
      So confident are the Australians that they are looking to convert certain types of diesel engines in the next couple of years. This is fantastic news for the public in the UK who love their small run around cars and the small garages that service and repair these vehicles.
      The full technical merits can be read in this great article by Will Locket. I will certainly having a beer tonight to celebrate this great news and keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for the Australian car designer and developers, without retributions from the EV and green lobby. This development may also make the UK government change its mind about banning the sale of  petrol and diesel cars by 2030. So allowing millions of families in the UK to keep their diesel cars which will be by then "carbon neutral" and fit for purpose.
      Original article by "Will Locket"
    • By ASOG Podcast
      Finally Nail Your Repair Shop Marketing with Shop Marketing Pros at AAPEX

  • By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

    By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

    By nptrb, in Automotive Industry,

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