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It has blown my mind how many times this conversation has happened in the short three months we have been open.


Customer "My car is broke"


Me "This is how much to fix it"


C "Sounds great, go ahead"


(we fix the car for the exact price quoted ((very efficiently, if I may add))


Me "Your car is done and ready for pick up"


C "Oh... I don't have the money, it may be a week or two before I can get it"


This makes me want to scream!!!!! Why bring your car and agree to get it fixed if you don't have the money to pay for it? At least let me know that up front so I don't have money wrapped up in parts. I could then fix the car the day before they are ready to get it. I feel like it would be rude and unprofessional for me to ask for money up front but I think that is where I am headed so that I can weed this thing out. It is very frustrating.


Any of you have this problem? Or any thoughts on the matter?

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