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Customer asks for Mechanic

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What are your thoughts and opinions when a customer comes into the office and asks directly speak with the mechanic? I have noticed this to be a far too common issue in our automotive repair facility. Most are seeking free advise and repair the vehicles themselves or else where. Yet, once I mention a diagnostic fee... they leave. How would you handle this matter?


How would you also approach customers speaking with mechanics privately? I do trust my mechanics to a certain extent, but I have a feeling side jobs are in the talks.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions,






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This is where your business savvy comes in, you should not feel insecure about your customer consulting the mechanics. I learned long ago that if I pay well and take care of my mechanics, they will not be taking side jobs and will instead concentrate in enjoying their time off.


Mechanics that are irregular and prefer to take side jobs than concentrate with their work within the shop you certainly do not need.

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This is definitely a case by case. My shop is smaller with 2 Full time techs, 1 SA and myself. Customer are always talking to my techs simply because they are friendly and will say Hi to our customers. We get to know our customers and ask how their weekend went or even that vacation they just went on. I pay my guys well and I do lots of "extra" things for them. They are my best asset and I put them first before anything (except for the recent argument of A/C in the shop ;)) My guys know when someone is sniffing for something and will be very vague with someone like that. Usually don't see that person again. My regular customers don't ask, If they don't think they can do it. They bring it to us.


Now when I worked at the dealership, I had this happen a few times. I simply stated, if they didn't know how to work on the vehicle that we had trained technicians and we could schedule them in. If everyone hasn't read, I received an article sometime this year stating 2012 was the highest amount of deaths/accidents due to DIY car repair.

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