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Not Independence Day.

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Not Independence Day.

In the United States of America we celebrate the 4th of July as our Independence Day.

But I am damn sure that if you are living anywhere in the United States of America you are not feeling very independent, as a matter of fact if you are the typical American you are feeling very oppressed right now.

Have you asked yourself why? Why do we feel like rats in a cage in our own country when we are supposed to be the very example of freedom and Liberty?

Let me begin by giving you a small example of how we have degraded in America from Liberty to Tyranny.

It is 11:00 pm on the 4th of July, on your way home from your parents house, your wife and children are in the car with you , when you come upon a massive DUI (driving under the influence) check point that is being conducted by the local and state police.

As you wait your turn, you think only of getting home and putting the children to bed and getting some good rest yourself. As your turn comes up and the police officer signals you to pull up to him and roll down your window.

Officer: “Have you been drinking tonight?”
You: “No.”

Officer: “Where are you coming from tonight?”
You, surprised: “Why?”
Officer: “Why? BECAUSE I ASKED YOU!”
You: “Excuse me officer, but you don’t’ have the right to ask me that without reason…”
Your Wife: “Sir, we are coming from my in-laws.”

The officer no longer an officer but a mere bully cop. The cop annoyed and agitated signals to another cop and tells you:


You pulled up to the area where the other cop is.

Cop2: “Give me your license, insurance, and registration.”

You pull out your wallet and hand over your license, then hand over your insurance card and vehicle registration.

Then Cop2 inspects your documents, looks at you with a non nondescript look and tells you to step out of the vehicle.

At this point, you would like to ask what’s going on, and why you are being treated the way you are being treated. But you know, better. You know better because you have served in the Army overseas and know what can happen to you and your family in an instant, even if you are in America.

Cop2: “Sir, how much did you drink tonight?”
You, reply: “Nothing.”

Cop2: “Sir, you are being stopped on suspicion of DUI, I will administer a field sobriety test, ok. Please step over this way and on the line.”

You notice that other cops now have your wife out of the car, and the trunk of your car is now open, while your children are still in the back seat of your car. You experience high anxiety, and decide just to grin and bear it. You know they have the power and upper hand in a situation like this, they know they can hurt you and hurt your family and you will not do anything about it because you would not like to have your family injured or hurt.

So you go through the motions, answer their questions and hope you are let go in peace without injury or harm to you or your family.

Cop2 administers her field sobriety test, asks you a few questions and tells you to return to your car.

You are signaled to proceed and pull out of the DUI check point.

Once you have left the check point, you wife is mad at you for not being attentive and deferential to the cops.

Wife: “ Why couldn’t you just answer him, why did you have to ask him why was he asking?”
You: “Because it is none of his goddamn business where we are coming from.”

Wife: “Yes it is, he has a gun!”

You sit there stunned, you cannot believe what you just heard, yet, you bite your tongue and travel home in silence in order not to argue or ruin the rest of the night.

How did we get to this point in America?


1. We lost our Liberty from simple ignorance.
2. Those that know all about greed and debt, stole our country from the rest of us.

What is the solution?

1. Learn who you are, and what a powerful legacy has been left for you as an American.

The few very rich people that run our country are very rich because they control our money system.

They control how much money is created and to whom it is given and for whatever purpose.

You and I can only get money by selling our labor or borrowing.

The rich control the money system through the use of government bonds and having the bank notes used printed by the government to give their scam the illusion of legitimacy.

Learn your rich history, know that you are a very powerful individual, learn law so you can defend and uphold your rights in court. Teach others so they can help you protect your rights while they are protecting theirs.


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I have seen a lot of situations in this country where the authority has crossed the lines of the constitution. It too bothers me that this country is quite different than it once was. I can't put my finger on it to give you and anyone else an answer. Maybe in our attempt to help the world, we are actually diluting the fabric of our foundation?


My grandparents came to this country in the early 1900s to become Americans. They were proud to be American citizens and learned to speak English. As a young child I remember my mother telling my father, "speak English, not Italian, we are in America now.


Since then the men in my family helped build this country and help to protect it, starting from the first world war on up to crisis in the middle east. Sacrifices were made, but my family, like so many other families were willing to accept that sacrifice.


My father and mother only attained an eight grade education. I graduated high school and my kids went on to college. My grandparents were poor, my mother and father did better and I am determined to do even better. That is the American Way.


The way you feel about this country is distressing. Many people perhaps feel the same way. But, we cannot give up hope. We cannot let certain situations serve to turn our backs on the history of the country. Just go back to the start of this country, the Revolution. We can learn so much from our nation’s birth. We need to resurrect the principles taught by founding fathers and reinforce the principles from our Country’s Constitution. Not distort it to “fit” into modern society. No changes need to be made; the Constitution needs to stand just as it was written.


I still think this is the greatest country in the world. I am an American. My family tree may have originated in Sicily, but that tree has secured its roots right here in America. And those roots are here to stay!

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1) The "rich" only control what you let them control! (We already had this discussion and you know my feelings)

2) I will always challenge law enforcement, when I can. It is our duty as a citizen.

3)The greed and debt you mention is by your own fault. No one forces you to go into debt. My father is 77 years old and I don't believe he has ever ran debt over $500. And retired as a hired farm hand with well over 250K in the bank. More that enough to last him the rest of his life!

4)As long as you continue to believe that the banks and government control you THEY WILL!!!

5) The only person responsible for you is YOU!!

I love being an AMERICAN!! No I don't trust my govt but not for these reasons!! Until you realize, and again I will say it, only you are responsible for you, then this hate you harbor is going to fester and consume you!

And for reference my heritage is Irish and Scottish. As near as I can tell my ancestors landed here sometime in the early to mid 1700's and found their way into the Ohio valley and WV by the late 1700's. I have found gravestones in a family plot in Ohio that show date of death about 1830 aged over 80 years. I believe this was my fathers great great great uncle.

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