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Universal Transmission Fluid

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Anyone stock and use a "universal" transmission fluid? I've started buying bulk oil from Commercial Lubricants, and they stock "Service Pro Global ATF" that is supposed to work for anything except Type F and CVT's. I don't do all that much transmission service, so I don't care to stock 15 different fluids for that off chance I need one, but not sure if this is the better way to go.

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    • By Alex
      Today we added a new option to view the main page of the forum in a fluid view. This view will list out the latest topics (similar to the sidebar latest topics). If you click on the "Showing topics from all forums" link (highlighted in yellow below), you can filter which forums you would like to see topics from. You can easily switch back to the classic table forum view at any time. The 2 buttons are right next to the start new topic button.

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    • By 5 Star Auto Spa
      For vehicles that require dealer fluids for ATF, coolant, etc., what is the markup that you apply for the fluid per quart/gallon?
    • By mmotley
      Just thought I might save someone some $$$ in the future. Do NOT put 75w90 in a GX460 transfer case. A GX470 is fine, but 460 takes a very specific fluid. One of the techs learned the hard way at the dealership when they first came out. Today, I got lucky enough and caught one of my techs draining the fluid in one and getting ready to fill with 75w90. No damage done, but still costs ~$75 a can (yup, they put it in a freaking soup can that is no where close to practical).
    • By stowintegrity
      Our company is interested in researching the purchase of some new equipment for performing fluid exchanges at our shop. Do any of you have any experience with any particular brands of equipment, or can you give a thumbs up for a particular service program? I know some of the manufacturer's of those machines also sell the chemicals directly to professional servicemen.
      The services we're seeking to sell more of:
      Cooling System Flush
      Air/Induction Decarbonization (Top Engine Cleaning)
      Brake Fluid Flush
      Power Steering System Flush
      Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill / Flush (Advice?)
      - also -
      We're seeking a line of retail additives worth selling in our lobby, or to be used during any/all of the services above, including:
      Engine Oil Stop Leak
      Oil Stabilizer (High Mileage Detergent Additive)
      Power Steering Pump Conditioner
      ATF Fluid / Gasket Conditioner
      Cooling System Flush / Chemical Additive
      Fuel System Additive
      Your thoughts on these matters would be appreciated. Currently, maintenance services only represent about 10% of our sales. With the possible addition of new equipment, we're in need of developing a program to encourage the sales of more manufacturer's maintenance items, and fluid exchange service.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By grifftrans
      I posted a while back when I first ran across this page. My husband runs a transmission shop in Nebraska. I know we are not running everything properly to be making the maximum profit that we should be. He has a great name, and customers love and recommend him to everyone. He doesn't just do your typical bare minimum rebuild. He replaces everything that is and could go bad as well as any known manufacturer parts that typically fail. He doesn't want to see the same car back again.
      I don't want to tell him how to work, but I want advice on the business side. Because he does put more parts in his rebuild, he has a hard time pricing accordingly. He is slightly higher then the other shop, which is 15 miles away. He has fixed a lot of problems this other shop has not properly done when they rebuilt it. How does he stay competitive and still make money with the way he's working? He is the only tech, which is losing money there, because he is stopping to talk to customers, run errands, test drives, etc. But we don't have the money to hire. I would love to have someone come into our business and say, this is what you're going to d and this is how you're going to do it, lol!
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