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Joe Marconi

Customers May Not Want to Hear the Truth, So Lie?

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Customers May Not Want to Hear the Truth, So Lie?


Last week I attended a business luncheon, comprised of local business owners. At the table where I was seated, a local contractor was telling the group that sometimes he feels he needs to lie, because the customer does not want to hear the truth. I jumped right in and said, “Please make me understand, your customer may not want to hear the truth, so you lie”? He went on to say that instead of informing the customer that they are behind due to staff issues or problems at another job site, he would tell the customer that the wrong material came in, or the lumber was wrong, or make up some other fib. I said, “Really?” He replied, “People don’t want to hear the truth”.


This got me thinking about our business. When things go wrong in our day, are we afraid to tell the truth? If your tech makes an error and a customer’s job will not be completed when promised, should we tell the customer, the wrong part came in?


I think we all need to think about what’s right and what is wrong and hold ourselves accountable to uphold our morals and ethics. When you break down everything we do in life, it always comes down to who we are as a person. Business is business, but our business is an extension of who we are. Isn’t it?


If there are flaws in this contractor’s workflow, and his job planning is inefficient, he needs to work on that and not try to make it up by lying to his customers.


Lies begin to compound on top of each other and before you know, you can’t remember one lie from another. Humans are wired to tell the truth, not lie. Abraham Lincoln said’; “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”.


I don’t mean to step up onto my soap box today, tell me your thoughts, please.

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