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How do you keep track of your inventory in your body shop?

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Hello everyone,

I am a mechanic shop and body shop owner here in las vegas and I opened up the paint and body part of the business about 2 years ago.


I am just looking for some tips on how you guys manage and keep track of the inventory/materials in the back,
I do have a body shop manager that runs the whole show and he seems to be doing a good job but I dont want to rely on just hes 'expertise'. 2 heads are better than 1!

The paint for the paint booth is digitally tracked, (when someone uses some it measures the weight when it goes back into the rack and notifies my paint company and they send me weekly reports as well as refills)

so there really is no need for the paint,

but for all the other materials (ie tapes, poly urethane, wax, the metal glaze stuff, respirators, you guys know what i mean) i need a good way to keep track of these items.


I don't really have a way of keeping track of these inventories right now but i would like to establish one.


THanks in advance guys! and girls!

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