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Paper Floor Mat: Keep it in or throw it out?

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This may be a silly topic, but it was brought up at a recent luncheon with a few fellow shop owners.


Some say to keep the paper floor mat in the car to show the customer you care of the cleanliness of their car. This shows value and adds to the customer service experience.


Others say to remove the paper floor mat before the car is returned to the customer. Don’t let the customer reach down out take out the dirty floor mat. It’s enough that you kept the interior clean, that will speak for itself. The look of the dirty floor mat can be a turn-off.


What’s your opinion? Keep it in or throw it out?


I usually pull them out in front of the customer, I also do a second wipe down (really quick, steering wheel, door, handle etc...) while I am getting out of the vehicle. I've had some customers ask that I let them keep them in (usually the older customers). Of course this was when I was using the plastic floor mats (cheap clear ones that I got from a friend who used to sell them, I still have about two rolls left).


Have a great day.......

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