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The New Normal?

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I saw this in 2008 and 2009, but then things started to improve. Now it seems it's back again. It feels eerily like it did in the last recession. I think I experience these things earlier and more often than most because of the cost of living in San Diego for most people. It's to the point where almost every customer battles us over price. I can't believe the amount of phone calls we get asking us for a price so they can compare to the price they got quoted elsewhere. I've also gotten more phone calls with customer's wanting to bring in their own parts then I ever have. I think our industry has begun the battle of attrition and is going to go through a "last man standing." Unfortunately, the last man standing may not be the best shop but the one that has the cheapest expenses/overhead and can survive. It may not be in the public's best interest but that seems to be what the public wants these days and where it is headed. I'm seeing less interest in warranty on repairs and quality and more focus on "cheap" than I ever have. People have a mentality that they are only going to hold onto their car for another year so why go with the better warranty and more costly part, etc.


Keep in mind, we are in San Diego and we don't get the seasonal changes some of you get so there isn't a big winterizing or summerizing of vehicles for us, or rust repair, etc.


Do I think this is the new normal? Hard to say. I can't tell if this attitude is being driven from a poor economy or the general change in the auto repair business with cars not needing as many repairs (timing belts, etc.), and the advent of the internet with parts pricing. I can tell you since about late 2007 I started noticing the change and it has slowly gotten worse. The last three months have been ridiculous.


The good news is car counts are up but sales are flat. Yes, I have a few sales issues but that isn't the only answer. I thought this whole thing may have been just a locality issue but it seems like it has hit back in NY as well.

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Great comments Keith! I feel much the same way. It's an interesting thing about car counts. We have seen car counts remain very strong; in fact some weeks they are thru the roof, but sales…well that's another story. Like I said in my post, it's rare when a customer just throws the keys on the counter and says, "Call me when it's done".


I don't know if we ever truly got out of the recession. I think the long term affects of unemployment, high gas prices, high food prices, loss of retirement funds, loss of equity in your home and the constant barrage of bad news from the media has taken its toll on the American public. We are all tired!


I have a good friend in the restaurant business. I asked him the other day, "How's business"? He told me that his cliental has not diminished, and that he gets the same amount of people coming to his restaurant every week, but they are not spending the money like they use to. Many of them order just the meal, no appetizer and no dessert. So, people want to go out, but they are very cautious.


I hope you are wrong with your assessment of the last man standing, but we will see.


Joe - that is the best assessment I've seen of the situation. We can't afford to have that along with the fact that cars are better built and don't need as much these days. That is a double whammy. Then along with what the parts companies and internet is doing makes it a daily battle. I hope I'm wrong as well about the last man standing. These times call for aggressive management/ownership skills, that's for sure.

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Joe and Keith,

These are some great comments and insights on the "new normal". We are seeing the same thing with our good long term customers now pricing services before authorizing the work. If this truly is the new normal and cost control is going to impact who is the "last man standing", what can we do to drive down our costs? Has anyone had success with pooling specialty tools with other local shops? How about local marketing groups? Should we be looking to limit the scope of our service offerings and specialize by Vehicle Brand? Do we aggressively market to drive up car counts as average repair orders are going down?

I'm just throwing out thoughts and questions to everyone to brainstorm on this subject and welcome every ones thoughts and comments. I know there is a great wealth of experience in this group and I am happy to steal other peoples ideas.



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      My son is not in the automotive industry. He is in the commercial real estate business. However, the workplace problems are the same. Recently, his frustration with the heads of the company reached an all-time high. When I asked him why he doesn’t speak up and let the leadership know how he is feeling, he responded, “Anyone who has voiced concerns or issues has been viewed as weak and incapable of doing their job. I don’t want to be viewed like that.” This is an example of a toxic work environment.
      If you are a shop owner, you are a leader. And leaders must be approachable. That means that you are willing to hear the concerns of others and have them express themselves. It also means that while you may not agree with someone’s perspective on an issue, it is their perspective, and that viewpoint needs to be recognized and respected.
      Make it known that you want to hear the opinions of others. Literally, ask for input from others. And thank those that speak up. Now, I am not saying that you need to act on every concern or opinion. That would not be realistic. But just listening may be enough. And you never know, someone in your company may have an idea that you never thought about and even improve your business.
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      Today, we simply cannot ignore social media, everyone is using it whether you are a fan or not. Personally, I think it has its negative and positive sides. 
      I have been looking at 100+ car repair shops and noticed that only a hand full are using social media marketing, for example, Facebook advertising. 
      Why are so few car repair shops making use of this, in my opinion, great opportunity to increase car count? 

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