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To Repair Or Not To Repair

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With all the recent news about improper tire repairs I would like to hear from fellow shop owners on what your policy is on tire repairs. It seems as if the tire manufacturers are washing their hands of any responsibility once a tire has been repaired. We need to protect ourselves from potential litigation. Maybe we share ideas, procedures and policy and learn from each other.

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There just is too much potential liability to not follow industry guidelines for tire repairs. We have only done internal patch or patch and plug repairs in our shop. The manufacturers are trying to distance themselves from potential liability do to substandard repairs. It's a service that is in demand from our customers, but we need to do it properly and get paid a fair price for the service.


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We are $14.95 and I think I am too low.

We charge $25 to patch a tire. This is the total price including remounting and balancing. I'm not sure it's enough for all that is involved in doing the repair, but that's what we charge.

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What are you guys charging for a proper repair?


This is where the issue begins. Think about it, you have to remove the tire from the car, inspect it, put it in water to find the leak, break it down, inspect the inside, perform the proper repair, remount the tire, you may want to check the balance, put it back in the water to make sure the repair is ok and put it back on the car. All for how much?


Right now we charge $28.50 for this repair. Some people look at me like I have two heads. They tell me, "I can get it plugged down the block for 10 bucks".


I do agree, we need to protect ourselves, the tire companys have washed their hands of any liability. What about the shops that don't care or worry about the liability, will they make it bad for the rest of us?

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Here is a repost from april;

I hate to have another government mandate but I think we, as an industry, share some of the blame. The tire industry trade groups, TIA and others, have for years endorsed that a proper tire repair requires the removal of the tire from the vehicle, dismounting the tire from the rim, inspecting and repairing from the inside of the tire. This can not be done profitably when we try and compete with the guy down the street that is willing to throw a plug in it for $5.00. When you look at some of the multimillion dollar judgements that have been handed out over the last few years for improper tire repairs, it makes it a lot easier to say "NO" to a customer who wants a $5.00 repair. We have not done plug repairs for 15+ years. Have we "lost" some tire repair business to the guy down the street - yes. Do I sleep better at night knowing we are doing proper repairs - YES. Most customers, and the ones we want to keep, understand that we are trying to keep them safe on the road. We take a little time to educate them as to why we repair the tire the way we do and it goes a long way to build a trusting relationship with them.

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28.00 + tax.


What I find is the only ones who complain are the ones who just come in with a flat and want a quick fix and probably won't be back for anything else anyway. I always start by explaning that the plugs from the outside are only temporary and that the patch plug is the approved method of repair.

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I tend to direct people to a very good tire shop two blocks down from us. If the tire is to be dismounted and inspected and repaired it gets done safely at n/c to the customer. Many times the problem tire has internal damage, age or wear that dictates the need for a new tire. If so they are at the right place. I will ask for the customers prayers and referrals. B)





It's all about Prayers and Referrals.....The harder i work the Luckier i get-The Frogfinder

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