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Obama Prison Blues


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I guess I'm the only one doesn't have a long term memory problem. The things Obama is blamed for ALL started well before his time. Two unfunded wars. Unregulated bankers and traders in search of ever increasing short term profits. Seems like the drunk driver who crashes the car and then trades places with the sober passenger. Oh, and let's not forget the outsourcing of middle-class jobs to any other country but here, leaving minimum wage/no benefit jobs. To be sure these problems were not all the fault of king george's regime, but they certainly are NOT solely the fault of President Obama. But there is no sense arguing with those who want so bad for it to be so that they will ignore the truth in order to live in the fantasy their party wants them to believe.

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      A recent study, done by Harvard Business School, concluded that the real problem with attracting and retaining employees has more to do with the workplace environment, not pay or benefits. While the study did find that an adequate pay plan and offering an attractive benefits package did help with recruiting and retention, it’s not enough to satisfy the needs of employees, especially those of front-line workers.
      The study also stated that in 2021, many companies were convinced that giving raises, sign-on bonuses, and other perks would solve the worker shortage problem and prevent people from quitting. However, this strategy did not work. So, what does work regarding attracting quality people and keeping them employed?
      Essentially, it all comes down to the culture of your company.  Management: do all it can to consider the individual needs of your employees. Your employees want to feel that they have a voice, that their opinion counts, and that their role in your company is both respected and recognized. Yes, pay and a great benefits package will go a long way toward making your employees feel secure, but that’s only financial security. People want more than money.
      To attract and keep top talent requires creating a company that people feel proud to work for. You need to reach the hearts and minds of your employees. Become a leader that people are enthusiastic about working for. You want your employees bragging to their friends and family that your shop is a great place to work!
      Step one to attracting and retaining quality employees: Create an amazing workplace environment for your employees!  Trust me, happy employees make happy shop owners too!

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