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As a former "Industrial Material Handling Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technician" (fancy talk for forklift mechanic) the best advice I can give you is NEVER put anything you can't live without between the machine and the floor/wall/heavy or immovable object! Forklilfts are very unforgiving, not to mention heavy. You will be well advised to have special jacks that are capable of lifting the weight of the machine. The average forklift with a load capacity of up to about 8000#, especially traction tire (indoor) machines will weigh approximately what their capacity is, example a 5000# truck will normally weigh 45-5500#.


Otherwise what are your questions? I can't help if I don't know what you are wanting to know. I can't guarantee I will be able to answer your questions but I will be happy to try.

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Oh, and another piece of advise, always leave the mast tilted forward and fully lowered or else remove the forks, otherwise they may be a trip hazard o r a head knocker. If you have to raise the mast always install a safety chain around the mast frame and lower the mast onto the chain BEFORE reaching into the mast. We really don't want to refer to you as stumpy, or posthumously.

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