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  1. public holiday, oh yes, i forgot what rest was like.

  2. this is oh so true, i loose a few hours everyday making sure the customer is happy with the service he is getting, and making sure that i explain everything that was done on the car, and why it was done, yes i loose on the hours but i do retain all my customers.
  3. Ha ha. thanks Joe, i am sure I will survive them, but I like to be 100% certain that what I intend to do is correct.
  4. Sometimes I wonder how we manage, but it does not help to complain, i have a similar type of machine on the way from Germany, but it is the stand alone machine, so i have to remove the rotors from the vehicle before i can cut them, but, the plus to this is that i can also cut truck rotors Best part is i only payed 200 Euros for it (and another 370Euro for shipping) Also I try to do as much of the work here "in-house" so that i can monitor that it gets done to the standard i desire.
  5. Hi all i was just wondering if anyone here specializes in the repair of forklifts, as i have a few coming to my shop next week for maintenance i am just needing to ask you a few questions.
  6. i don't have one and boy does it cost me, it makes a lot of sense here as we don't have the steady parts supply here, so sometimes we HAVE to use the old disks(we cannot get new disks for particular import models), so that means we have to send the disks off to be cut, i dislike it, but sometimes you have to think of the time the customer spends without his/her car, otherwise i would just order new rotors from South Africa(only country around us with a sort of steady supply) but i don't know if it makes sense for you guys in USA, or anywhere else closer to civilization where rotors are readily
  7. thanks to everyone for the welcomes, I hope to be posting some "ways" of doing business in Africa on here soon, as well as some experiences with customers, my techs, other techs, and some others. all I need do is find some time, its just a bit hectic at the moment... but once I have a spare moment I will be adding some content. thanks again
  8. sleep... whats that? 24 hours and still on the go...

  9. long story, but the short of it is i moved here a few years back, and saw a huge gap/demand for professional service here, so opening a workshop only seemed logical to me, it is wearing me thin though as there are no real techs here, i have to do most of the work myself. i use my employees for cleaning, and other uncomplicated jobs, as i still need to show them the ropes.

  10. How did you happen to start a shop in Maputo?

  11. mesurments and building... impending disaster!

  12. Hi all I think that I might be one of the youngest guys on here so I hope I can contribute to your forum in a meaningful but for now i am just learning from what has been posted on here, its actually more like a library to me, that said i should explain how/what/where and who: it is my hope and dream to be operational by the end of this year, I am operating in Mozambique, Things operate at a different pace here, with their being no really reliable workshops that customers can take their cars to, with no serious professional service/or products(all parts will be imported as the "quality parts
  13. Hi Marvin

    it has progressively been getting hotter, but not too bad, November and December are the scorcher months, its good to know that someone knows where i am,



  14. Hi, I understand you have been having some really hot weather in Maputo. I have some friends and family there so am probably one of the few Americans who actually knows where it is. Geography class is not big in school here!

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