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Fixed or Fluid Width?

Fixed or Fluid Width?  

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  1. 1. What do you prefer? Fixed or Fluid Width?

    • Fixed Width (The way it is now)
    • Fluid Width (Fills mywide- screen)

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We've recently added the ability to change the width of this site to flow with the various widescreen monitor sizes. Currently we are at a fixed width that does not change and is the most commonly used, somewhere around 950px.


Now more than ever, widescreen desktop monitors and laptops allow for more viewing space. With that, we introduced a fluid with that will stretch the width of this site to fill your screen better, and allow for more room to view.


Currently our default is our fixed width, and we would like to know what you prefer. Our new fluid width will always be an option, but maybe it should be our new default?


How to change the style to check? Look to the bottom of the board, for a drop down selector (you will also see our mobile version in the drop down, for phones). Try out the fluid style, you can change it anytime.... I've attached a poll to this thread, please vote and add your comments.



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