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Ron Ipach

You can't afford to ignore this any longer

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Here are some stats that I came across the other day with regards to where people in the US are spending their time these days…


  • 76% of people in the US actively use the internet
  • The average person spends over an hour every month on Google
  • The average person spends over an hour every month on YouTube
  • And get this… 126 million in the US are on Facebook and they average spending 32 minutes socializing each time they visit!!!
  • Even better, 42% of people over the age of 50 (our best customers!) use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – and that number doubled over the past year!


Lets contrast that to a few other tidbits…


  • Yellow Page usage is way down (I couldn’t find any official figures, but you already know this is true)
  • Newspaper circulations continue to slide by double digit percentages every year
  • More than half of TV watchers record their programs (and blow by the commercials)
  • The cost of mailing a letter is going to cost 5.6% more real soon


Soooo…. The majority of Americans are getting online and spending an incredible amount of time while there, and the effectiveness of the ‘traditional’ way of marketing your business is declining quickly and getting more and more expensive. Any thoughts on where you might want to focus your efforts now and into the future??


The Best Way To Get Noticed Is To Stand In Front Of (not behind) The Stampeding Crowd!


Best, Ron Ipach, CinRon Marketing Group

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