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Transition from wage earner to self employed....

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I have posted a little about myself and ideas, but regardless of what my business model will be or how I plan to run a business, theres one topic that really scares me... And Im not sure how its done, or if I can do it at this point in my life.


I am the main bread earner for our family. Im married with 2 children, ages 10-12. I provide the income and health insurance through my employer and need the paychecks that are coming in to pay the bills and everyday living expenses.


How do you go from one to the other without losing it all...


Which leads into my other question that I have read a number of different opinions about. When I do start a business, how do I pay myself? (I think alot may have to do with how the company is set up) I know I cant just take money out of the till to pay my electric bill at home....


Maybe others can share how they did it when they satrted out...


Thanks for the advice!

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