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A letter from Germany

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If I didn't mention it before, I'll mention it now. My dear wife is a quilter, and not your ordinary quilter but a highly recognized author and desinger of quilts and patterns. (You can find her books on Amazon.com... "Loose Change")


One of the things that keeps her busy is the QOV... "Quilts of Valor" This is a non-profit organization (national) that create quilts for ALL injured soldiers in any milatary hospital in the world. I sometimes forget the value we should put on our freedom, I also forget to thank them when I should. This time I'm not forgetting... I wanted to thank my wife for her efforts... because I tend to forget to thank her the most.


This letter is from one of those hospitals where the quilts she makes is sent to.

Letter received from a doctor at Landstuhl:


I'm currently doing a rotation in the ICU in Germany (Landstuhl) that serves as

our mid-point hospital for troops injured in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and on

their way back home. Some of these Soldiers, Airmen and Marines are terribly

wounded, and have lost limbs and/or eyesight. I'm seeing injuries you can't even

imagine in your nightmares, from broken bones, burns, horrible skin/muscle

injuries, open abdomens to brain injuries and lost limbs. As a military doc, I

knew what to expect, have seen the pictures and heard the descriptions, and am

still appalled.


All of these Soldiers, Airmen and Marines have quilts in their possessions here at Landstuhl.


All of the less-injured Soldiers, Airmen and Marines (who can be out and about)

have their quilts in their laps or spread across their wheelchairs while roaming

around the hospital and doing physical therapy.


All of these Soldiers, Airmen and Marines have their quilts across the foot of

their beds or around their shoulders as they sleep through a warm and peaceful

night without fear of bombs and gunfire.


All of these Soldiers, Airmen and Marines are thankful for their quilts, and

I've heard a few comments randomly through the hospital regarding their quilts.


Thank you all for all you for the troops. They appreciate it and I thought you'd

like the feedback from "downrange".



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