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Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?


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Absolutely. Arizona's law is no different than the federal law. Arizona was just forced to enact their own laws to enforce because the pansy federal government isn't doing one of the biggest jobs they are supposed to do (enforce the borders and protect their citizens)

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My only problem with this whole thing is...well, always will be.... how is it that they don't want to be citizens.... it seems they only want the benifit of a job and health care... Is it so hard to do what was done in the early 1900's... and become a citizen??


I don't think it's a matter of cheap labor.. oh sure, they're are circumstances that a cheaper labor force would make a difference, such as in an orchard or picking lettuce...stuff like that.


But, really, isn't it just wrong to want to get to the USA so you can earn a living and run back to your family on the other side of the border...??


That's the part that bugs me.... become a citizen, earn a living, pay taxes... how hard can that be.


I probably don't understand it... because I'm not a part of it... but from my view... Get legal...



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My grandparents, on both my mother’s side and father’s side, came to this country from Italy in the early 1900’s. I am the second generation born here. We were taught never to forget our ancestry, but more importantly, we were now Americans. And being American meant something. With a thick Italian accent, my grandmother would brag that she could read, write and speak English.


I was taught as a young child to be proud of being an American. We never referred to a hyphenated name either. We were Americans…not Italian-American.

When my father enlisted in the Army after Pearl Harbor was bombed, he was asked if he had any issues fighting the Italians. He lashed back and stated that he was an American, and was ready to fight anyone or any country to protect this great nation.


Yes, my family came here to become Americans. We never looked back, only forward. We did not send money back to the “home land”, like so many immigrants do today. We came here not only to better ourselves but to make this country better. And we made a difference. We won wars and worked hard.

But, it’s not the same anymore.


There is something happening in this country that breaking the fabric that once held this country together. I for one am disgusted at what I see, particularly from our current President and his administration.


I think it’s time to take back America!

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