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Waste Oil Recycling

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Is anyone else having to pay for used oil recycling? The local company that picks up oil for recycling has decided that it needs to charge for a service that used to be free. They now want $.32/quart for waste oil pickup. That is over $70 for 55 gallons. They take this oil and sell it to re-refiners but they said that no-one is buying anymore and they are having to store it in rail cars. According to state law I am not allowed to charge my customers for oil recycling (I'd have to hide the cost in the price of new oil). I'm thinking I will have to get an oil burner so I can dispose of my own used oil. Anyone in other parts of the country having this problem?

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Safety Kleen picks up mine. When you have more than 100 gallons they will pick up for free. I am not sure what the cutoff is for how much they take before they actually pay you for it but I won't hit that cutoff anytime soon. I have 3 55 gallon drums and I call them when they are full. Every couple of months for me.

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There are a few other companies around here that would pick up the oil but Safety Kleen was the only one that bothered to call me back. I guess other ones didn't want to be bothered with my small amount. I do get my parts washer serviced by them as well as my anti-freeze picked up by them. The parts washer service costs money bu the rest of the fluid pickups are free to me. I don't have any more room to store waste oil so I am just glad to have a place to get rid of it and have a record of where it went.

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I would also check to see if you have a Heritage-Crystal Clean.




They don't charge me for the oil filter pickup. I paid an installation fee for the 55 gallon drum and then the pickup and replacements of the drums are free. I also switched to them for my oil pickup as they are paying .60 a gallon for used oil as compared to Safety-Kleens .17 a gallon. They are also considerably cheaper on the parts washer solvent.

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