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Joe Marconi

Morton Steak House Experience

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I took my wife to Morton’s Steak House last Saturday to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The experience was a lesson in customer service.


I made a reservation in advance for 6:45, as I walked through the door the receptionist greeted us with a big smile and said, “Welcome to Morton’s Steak House”. She then asked if we had a reservation and I replied,” Yes, 6:45”. She said, “Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Marconi, please follow me, the maitre d' is waiting for you and will seat you. The fact that she knew who we were immediately made us feel special.


As we walked with the maitre d’ he asked us if this was a special occasion. I told him my wife and I are celebrating our 32th anniversary. He paused for a second and congratulated us. He then seated us, took our drink order and told us that Henry, our server for the evening, will be over in just a moment.


Henry also greeted us with a big smile and reviewed the all that Morton had to offer; from the appetizer to the main course to desert. He then handed us our menus and at the top of the menus in bold writing was the following: “Happy 32th Anniversary Mr and Mrs. Marconi”. What an impression this made on my wife and I!


A little later waiter took our photo and came back shortly with the photo in a card.


Now this is customer service. It’s all about the experience. The rest of the evening went great, the food was great and of course I left a nice tip.

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