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    • By Alex
      We've added a tab for HOME in our main menu when logged in, which takes you to our home page and same place you would get to by clicking our logo. To make things a bit easier to navigate, we've included 2 rows of Quick Links to help you find important sections and for new members that are learning our site. 😀

    • By Alex
      We've launched a new section here at AutoShopOwner called Groups. You'll see the section link in our main menu. We've had some requests in the past to have the ability to start specific forum sections and group sections within our forums and this not only addresses that, but also gives you the ability to start your own "mini" AutoShopOwner based on basically whatever you want.
      Our Premium, Platinum, and Sponsor members can all be group creators. All FREE members can join groups, but it's up to the Group creator on who is allowed in, who is invited, etc. Group creators can also assign moderators and control aspects of the group. Our Platinum and Sponsor members have the added ability of creating closed/private groups as well. This can be a great way to start your own network.
      At any time, you can upgrade your membership here.
      Once you create a group, you can add a topics section (just like our main forum), chat section (same as regular chat), blogs, downloads, gallery, etc. It's really up to the group creator on how to lay it out and it's simple to do. Once you create a group, it will be approved by us within 24 hours and you'll be ready to go. 
      I'm going to leave it at that for now and encourage anyone that is interested in this, to go ahead and try to start a group. You'll see how easy it is. In the very near future I am going to be starting a blog around AutoShopOwner features, as we have a lot of them...😎
    • By Alex
      Just finished adding a new website links section, which now takes over the existing links category in our forums. If you scroll down the forum page, you will notice the Automotive Links of Interest forum.
      It now redirects you to our official AutoShopOwner Links section.
      Adding a link will require a Premium or Business Membership, but for a limited time, we are allowing ALL members to submit their links for FREE. To submit a link, you must first choose a category. Your link will be active once approved by the AutoShopOwner Staff.
      So, if you have a website...you can add your website link. You can also add any other links, which you feel would benefit this community. All existing links that were in the forum (6) have been imported.
      Have a look: Links - AutoShopOwner - Automotive Management Network
      Please report any issues with a reply, into thsi thread. Thanks!
    • By HarrytheCarGeek
      Hi, y'all.
      I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone that is producing good quality content for autorepair websites or blogs.
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