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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Tuning Technology Motorsports in the house!


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I just wanted to introduce me and my company to fellow members. Tuning Technology Motorsports is the company and Bruce Bejsovec is my name.


We are a performance tuning and installation facility located on Long Island and specialize primarily on European vehicles but have built TT C6's, S/C Vipers, Camaro SS's, SRT8's and even some Nissan/Infiniti's!


I am a sponsor on MBWorld where I have built some of the fastest MB's in the US and have helped many shops throughout the world with their questions.


I hope I can be of service to any of the other members. Just send me an email or call my office and I will do what I can to help!

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    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
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