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  1. leonard simpson

    Inspection forms

    Where is the best source for inspection forms. Looking for some thing I can download and customize.
  2. leonard simpson


    The only people who will be affected by regulation will be the shops. The back yard guys and street guys won't be bothered by the state. What you charge and what you pay depends on local market. You also need the right customers. You don't want the bottom feeders looking for the cheapest repair. Provide quality work done right and have no come backs. Shop owners and techs should study everyday to gain more knowledge. A happy customer will tell two people an unhappy customer will tell ten. Charge what you are worth and pay your tech his worth.
  3. leonard simpson

    New member

    I am new to site. I have an auto shop in Clarksdale MS. We stay busy most of the time. I hope to learn from and share with other members.