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I recently made a call to my Internet provider to discuss and issue I was having. After multiple attempts at trying to explain my problem, the customer service rep on the other end of the phone had no clue how to solve my problem.  She was nice, extremely polite, and had the voice of an angel.  She was well-trained, but not in the art of problem solving.

Great customer service is not about being nice to people, it’s all about understanding the customer’s needs and coming up with solutions to their problems.  Train your service personnel in the art of proper etiquette, but also in the art of problem solving.  Empower your people to also make decisions.  Set limits, but give them the authority to solve issues without every problem reaching your desk.


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You're right on the money Joe! All you have to do is take a look at reviews - and they can be for any service, not just auto repair. If you "read between the lines" you'll quickly see where a company (shop) has gone beyond "just being nice" don't cut it. 

I also agree that staff need to have the authority to make a decision - solve the problem! Don't "micro-manage" everything. The most important less to remember is this fact" 
"People will often FORGET what you said to them; but they will NEVER FORGET how you make them FEEL!" - You can take that one to the bank!

You also WIN when you can make the customer experience memorable. (Remember, they will always remember how you make them feel!) And believe it or not, there's even simple things you can do to make that happen. If you watch carefully, you'll notice that the people that "get liked" in life are usually the ones that quickly "pay compliments" to others. Try it - it works like a charm! Mrs. Jones will be so happy to hear somebody comment on "how much you like that jacket" or "how that color looks so good on her". 

Simple compliments - cost $0 - Reward - Priceless!

Hope this helps getting your customer service above and beyond what people expect!


Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"

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